eBook - PHP Deployment Explained

About the authors

Sebastian Bergmann Sebastian Bergmann

Sebastian Bergmann is a pioneer in the field of quality assurance in PHP projects. His test framework PHPUnit is a de-facto standard. He is actively involved in the development of PHP and responsible for creating a wide range of tried-and-trusted development tools.

Sebastian shares his knowledge and experience through his widely-read books and articles. His presentations at conferences around the world are followed by those in the PHP community and beyond.

Arne Blankert Arne Blankerts

Arne Blankerts is a thoroughly experienced IT development manager who understands the requirements for successful PHP applications in the modern enterprise. He created software solutions for many mission-critical applications.

Arne works on the German translation of the PHP manual. As an expert on IT security, his books and articles are highly recommended reading in the PHP community.

Sebastian Heuer Sebastian Heuer

Sebastian Heuer plans and writes software for the web since the early 2000s. He focusses on clean software architectures and high-quality, easy to understand code.

Apart from his position as Developer Advocate at kartenmacherei.de, he engages in several open-source projects (like https://phar.io) and helps teams to write solid and maintainable software.